Arno Zegerman
Apex Town Council



I am Arno Zegerman. It is with pride and honor that I have served on the Apex Town Council since January 2023. As my appointed seat is up for re-election this year, I am asking for your support.

Municipal government is the form of government that has the most direct impact on our daily lives. The decisions made by the Apex Town Council have a significant impact on our residents, whether it pertains to local park development, traffic safety, sidewalks, water & sewer infrastructure, electricity rates, or town-hosted festivals. These matters shape the experience of our community members. It is precisely due to this direct impact and my desire to enhance the quality of life for current and future residents that I have chosen to be a part of the Town Council. With over 25 years of leadership experience in business and non-profits, and my own experience as an immigrant, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. I bring a passion to get into the detail, question the status-quo, seek rewarding compromise on issues, and most importantly, getting things done from A to Z



In my relatively short time as an Apex Town Council member I have helped implement important policies that will shape Apex for years to come. A short list of recent accomplishments includes:

  • Approved Apex's first Affordable Housing Policy and a 100% affordable housing development on Tingen road.
  • Passed a comprehensive fiscal year 2023/2024 budget that includes significant investments in police, fire, parks & recreation, historic preservation (e.g. the Tunstall House), and allocations for affordable housing programs.
  • Approved bond sales to progress the Peakway bridge project and address other road infrastructure needs.
  • Approved new commercial developments to bring additional jobs to Apex and keep property taxes low.
  • Issued proclamations promoting equity, diversity & inclusion.
  • Approved additional funding and awarded contracts to complete segments of our greenway infrastructure, including the Beaver Creek and Middlecreek greenways.
  • Voted against development projects inconsistent with our land use vision or that required demolition of historical properties.
  • Approved new zoning requirements to improve the electrical vehicle charging infrastructure.

In short, getting it done, from A to Z, from Affordable housing to Zoning!



My guiding principles revolve around what I term "Sustainable Development," encompassing the following areas:

  • Deliberate Zoning
  • Protection of Natural Resources
  • Creative Traffic Solutions
  • Public Safety and Public Service
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

I elaborate on these concepts on the "What I Stand For" page. I encourage you to explore these pages and feel free to reach out to me via the "Contact" page. I'm looking forward to your feedback. 


Your feedback is highly valuable, your donation or endorsement is even better!!! If you are able to, please visit the "Donate" page and make a contribution to my campaign. No donation is too small. Every little bit helps.


Thank you for considering your support, and together, let's shape the future of Apex!



Arno Zegerman